Progressive slots are like the lottery of online casino gaming. They offer the potential for a truly life-changing win. In April 2008 a lucky player won more than 5.5 million on Mega Moolah, a Microgaming Progressive slot. But that didn’t quite break the record set in May of 2007 when a factory worker won 8.12 million dollars playing the Millionaires Club progressive slot at Intercasino for his first time.

Playing Progressive Slots

Online Slots UK jackpots build to such staggering numbers because the jackpots are linked across a network, and a part of every wager goes to feed the pot. It’s important to note that for most Progressive slots, a player must bet the maximum number of coins and lines to be eligible for the prize. This is not the case with the Microgaming Mega Moolah, nor the Random Jackpots in Real Time Gaming’s (RTG) Real Series video slots games. Some of RTG’s true Progressive slots include Jackpot Piñatas and Crazy Dragon.

It’s always a good idea to check the paytable to see if your wagering is qualifying you for the big one. Playing less than all lines on a slot that only pays for max bet is foolhardy, as the payout percentage of most Progressives is very low if the Jackpot is not factored in… in other words, it’s a losing proposition. Mega Moolah is one exception because though larger wagers increase your chance to get to the bonus round – once there a penny bet has the same chance as a maximum bet of winning the progressive!

The network can be across all games within a casino, all of the same game across a casino group, or all of the same game across an entire casino software platform as is the case with Mega Moolah. When the jackpot is won, it is paid to the player from the pooled account, though the transaction will go through his or her account at the casino they were playing at when they won.

Progressive Online Slots

If you can’t decide which Casinos Online to play, you can always check progressive slots tickers where you can find which have the biggest  jackpots which in many cases exceeds a million dollars!

Make sure to check the policy of the casino you are playing in regards to their payout policy on Progressive jackpots; though the winnings can be as big as the lottery, so can the payouts – there have been cases where the winners were only offered several thousand dollars per week until paid out, rather than a lump sum payment. Also, never play a Progressive if there is a maximum cashout policy at the casino, such as those terms attached to using bonuses.

Other popular types of popular slot games are 5 reel multi line slots with slot bonus rounds.