Considering its wide and rich history, it’s unsurprising the gambling industry has become full of specialised phrases and jargon that have evolved over time. And one location where you’re likely to hear these phrases regularly is inside a casino. Although this might seem alien to non-gamblers, creating slang is actually used in several sports, hobbies and activities.

Experienced casino players can’t get enough of creating new idioms and phrases to represent different situations, moves during gameplay and outcomes for their most loved gambling games. But if you’re pretty new to the casino world, hearing all this jargon thrown around can sound like a completely new language; especially if it’s during a game. However, being knowledgeable of these different phrases can certainly benefit your gameplay, so it’s definitely worth doing your research beforehand.

For example, those who play online blackjack or inside on a casino floor might find it advantageous to know that “paint” refers to any Jack, Queen or King card (those with painted pictures); otherwise you might become unsure over the gameplay if a dealer uses this term.

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