The argument of whether brick and mortar or online casinos are better has been raging ever since the betting on the internet first began to rise to prominence. Can online ever replicate the interactivity and human element that you get when you go to a real casino? Well, that’s what the live casinos at big sites like Paddy Power are aiming to do – a live casino is accessed online but with an actual dealer playing against you with a physical deck of cards or a real roulette wheel.

Offering you the best of both worlds, live casino beats real-life casino in just about every category. Here’s how!



The big thing that’s lacking in online casinos is a feeling of interactivity. It’s fine for games like slots where the visuals are always impressive and the results can spark entertaining animations, but something like roulette where you just spin the wheel? It can feel a bit solitary and lacks that personal touch if all you’re doing is watching the animation spin around. But with live casino you get to watch the ball spin in real-time, you can hear the croupier talking as the bets are selected and you get all that from the comfort of your own home. It’s not quite as interactive, because of course you aren’t physically present at the table, but it’s a marked improvement on watching an animation. But while it may not be as interactive, it gains in a few other key areas.

Speed of Play

One of the big things that slows down games, especially big games, is that whenever you win you have to wait while the chips are dispensed and the winner declared. But when you’re playing in the live casino, the money is sent almost immediately and the next round of play can begin. This increased speed of play means you don’t need to spend too long waiting for the game to get going again. Less waiting is always a good thing!

Play anywhere and anytime

The pure convenience of being able to play a casino game any time and any where you want is nothing special any more, but being able to have an interactive experience with a dealer at any time? Many  of the leading brands are now developing specialist live casino apps that help to make the games even easier to access. As long as you have the internet to facilitate your involvement, you can play these games with a dealer to talk to wherever and whenever, all you have to do is load the app. Online play beats bricks and mortar casinos for accessibility because their set opening and closing times  just can’t compete.

But what do you think? Are live casinos really better than bricks and mortar or are they just gimmicky versions of the online versions? Why not let us know in the comments below!